About us

Over the last 20 years,

Sehar Batool Instruments has established itself as the most reputed manufacturer and exporter of electrosurgical instruments all over the world.

Our instruments are completely manufactured in Pakistan by our highly skilled master craftsmen in workshops equipped with latest and advanced machinery. Steel forging are forged from top quality Japanese standard surgical steel, CNC milling, our strict quality control inspections, our dedication to manufacture the finest products, and our unity as one family enables us to meet the highest standards set by the industry. That's why, for over 20 years, Sehar Batool Instruments has backed every instrument with a confident one year guarantee for rust & any manufacturing defect. Procedure after procedure, instrument after instrument, you can count on Sehar Batool Instruments to perform flawlessly.

Quality Manufacturing

All of our products are manufactured in-house with high quality materials and go through multiple inspections to maintain the quality our customers need.

Life Time Warranty

Any defective product can be replaced at any time.

Safety & Value

All our products are free from toxic and harmful materials and produced according to ISO 13485 Quality Management System and European Medical Devices Directive 92/43/EEC.